Effective exercises in hallux valgus

Initially, the bone that protrudes on the foot, it seems only ugly, but eventually it will interfere with the walk, will be difficult choice of shoes, if you continue to do nothing, the lump, cause severe pain and eventually lead to disability.

The appearance of a thickening at the base of the thumb is a disease and as such, develops in stages. If you start treatment in the initial phase, the disease disappears, including by conservative methods, among which is its place and exercises from the cones on the legs.

exercises in hallux valgus

Effective exercises in hallux valgus

We have already talked a lot with you about such problem feet, such as hallux valgus big toe, when the joint is formed around him a nasty punch – punch, which it acquired as a result of joint changes in the feet because of the stress associated with being overweight, wearing uncomfortable footwear and many other reasons. The treatment of Hallux Valgus requires a lot of effort, time, and range of activities, which included exercises in hallux valgus, how to perform which we now describe.

For the prevention of and stop further development of the curvature of the joint and the appearance of painful and unattractive lumps are the big toes, the German orthopedists have been developed valgus orthopedic tire Hallufix, a unique bandage ypravlaushiy incorrect position of the joint and eventually makes the bones of the big toe less. But, to speed up the process and secure the results necessary some measures for strengthening the muscles and arch of the foot. This is an exercise, not complicated, gymnastics, which is very effective for hallux valgus of the feet.

  1. So, in order to perform the first exercise, lie on the floor on your back. Do the simple and fairly common exercise – "Bicycle". Imitating Cycling, pull the toe foot forward when the leg moves away from the self and, respectively, pull the socks back when the leg moves back. Don't kick her legs at the top of the tibia must move parallel to the ground. The exercise is performed 8 to 10 times.
  2. The next few exercises are performed in a sitting position on the floor. Lean hands on the floor behind him, legs extended. Now alternately bend and unbend both legs. This 7 to 9 times.
  3. The position of the same. Actively raise the toes as wide as possible in hand. Hold this position for a few seconds and return your fingers to the original source. Exercise 8-10 times.
  4. The situation is the same, with an emphasis hands on the floor. Squeeze the fingers and open them in the hand, as in the previous exercise. You need 6 times.
  5. Now sit down on the chair. You need to move the legs, while with the fingers forward and the same way to move them back. Do not exercise up to 8 times.
  6. And the final exercise in a seated position on the chair. Hold the pencil or pen between the first and second toe. Now make a circular motion, from left to right and then in the opposite direction. If you're bored, just drawing in the air circles and shapes, you can enter the letters of the alphabet or even draw with a pencil on paper Whatman in front of him.
  7. The last execution of complex exercises in a standing position. Walk alternately on toes, hands up, heels, hands on the walls, on the outer edge of the foot. When bones are unable to walk on the inner edge of the foot. And the fourth exercise - stretch your arms forward and walking, lifting the knee up.
  8. And the most effective exercise against the bone, which can be achieved in the complex. Pull the straight leg, can be sitting on the floor, on a chair that is comfortable for you. Pull at first, until the ankle, bending and then a big toe, the feel of this joint, we're working on now. The second part - pull the foot from themselves, as a ballerina, and, as you can bend your fingers, the emphasis on a lot.

In addition to these exercises from the cones on the big toes, often go barefoot in the summer, on the sand, grass, gravel, in the cold around the house on tip-toes, the heel, the outer edge of the foot. Still very good, sitting in front of the TV, roll the soles of the feet and their different stakeholders (external, heel, toes) studded ball or roller. When transverse flatfoot, you cannot roll the rolling pin, it is necessary to remember.